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'She literally saved my life in more than one way': This Little Wish is a celebration of sisters

Kwameshia and Shiprayloi Carter share a deep mutual respect. And when one couldn’t afford to fix a broken laptop, the other was determined to help.

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Glance at the bright smiles in photos of these two women together and you’d never guess there was a time that Kwameshia Carter wasn’t sure she wanted a sister.

“I remember when my mom was pregnant, I wanted a little boy at first. I was like, ‘Let it be a boy!’” Kwameshia said.

She was 6 years old when her sister, Shiprayloi, arrived.

“But when she came, I was just so happy. We were close from day one.”

Decades later, they’ve grown even closer.

Kwameshia got married at the beginning of 2020, just before the pandemic set in.

Her sister was her maid of honor.

“She’s just grown into a wonderful woman, and I’m just really proud,” Kwameshia said.

Shiprayloi is single and lives at home, watching over their mother and helping with the bills.

Credit: Kwameshia Carter

She works weekdays as a full-time supervisor caring for adults and kids with special needs.

Then she spends her weekends providing respite care for those same families.

One hobby helps ease her mind – writing poetry.

“It is a release,” Shiprayloi said. “I used to make stories up when I was a little girl and I’d read them to my mom.”

But as much as Shiprayloi loves to write, she hasn’t been able to do much of it.

Her laptop won’t hold a charge and is being held together with duct tape.

She was furloughed during COVID-19 and can’t afford to upgrade it.

Kwameshia also lost her job as an occupational therapist, so she couldn’t help her sister.

That was painful.

“When I was younger there was a time I just wanted to give up. But I was like – I can’t – I have my little sister. If I give up, I can’t be there for her,” Kwameshia said. “She literally saved my life in more than one way, and she doesn’t even know she saved my life.”

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Kwameshia said Shiprayloi might not ever know how much she means to her, so not being able to provide some financial assistance hurt.

That’s why Little Wishes stepped in.

Kwameshia nominated her sister for a Little Wish and Sam Pack Auto Group is sending Shiprayloi a new laptop and printer and providing technical support.

Credit: WFAA
Kwameshia, top left, surprises her sister, Shiprayloi, with a Little Wish on a Zoom video call.

“Oh my God!” Shiprayloi kept saying when she heard the news on a video call.

Then came laughter and tears from both sisters.

“No more duct tape!” Kwameshia said.  “Thank you for everything you do in helping mom and everything, and working with special needs kids, being involved in church. I’m really proud of you, sister.”

Shiprayloi said she feels blessed to have the type of relationship she and Kwameshia have, because she knows many siblings aren’t as close.

“I admire her,” Shiprayloi said. “She’s my older sister and I look up to her, so it means a lot that she feels this way.”

Before the video call ended, Kwameshia and Shiprayloi’s mother appeared in the background – in awe of the young women her daughters have become.

“They are lovely. They are amazing. I am so proud of them,” she said. “And I’m proud to be their mommy.”

If you'd like to nominate someone for a Little Wish, click here.

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