As Memorial Day approaches, thousands will take part in fundraising and awareness marches across the country for Dallas' Carry the Load organization and its mission to honor veterans, honor the fallen, and ensure that Americans remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Thursday in Carrollton, the littlest fundraisers held their own mini-march to show that they're part of that effort too.

Holy Covenant Early Childhood Development Program's 117 students, ages 1 to 6, marched around their school while wearing badges with the names of servicemen and servicewomen and the first responders they were marching for. It was part of the school's "community service helpers program," and this year they chose Carry the Load as the organization they wanted to support.

"Our goal is to teach children that no matter how old or how small you are that you can make a difference in your community, that we're all community helpers and we're all responsible for each other," said Beth McClure, director of the Holy Covenant Early Childhood Development Program.

And the students, although their stride might be small, certainly proved they can be a big part of their community. McClure says the students, by getting pledges for their walk, raised a total of $1,921 for Carry the Load.