After two men in Howard County were caught red handed with a van full of stolen packages, officers re-delivered those packages to their rightful owners.

Police say the men snagged scores of recently delivered packages off of homeowners porches until one neighbor alerted police.

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Police are known to do a little bit of everything in a community, but delivering packages? That's a new one.

After Howard County police arrested two men for stealing 77 packages off of 51 front porches in Columbia Wednesday night, there was really only one thing left to do.

This puts a whole new spin on good police work or maybe on good customer service. Either way, the deliveries were greeted by some happy customers/victims.

Like Julie Moore who had been tracking her packages.

"I found online that my packages were on my front porch, so I checked like five times and they weren't there," said Moore.

She said she was counting on those packages to be Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Others didn't even have time to notice.

"I just honestly found out right now," said Norris Moore. "When the police showed up at my door."

Talk about next day delivery.

They didn't just return a few packages to people, they returned the holiday spirit.

"I think everybody is pretty excited about this and that we were able to stop a few Grinches from ruining a holiday," said Sgt. Perry Thorsvik.