A Watauga woman credits an off-duty police officer with saving her life earlier this month.

Sharon Mize just recalls watching her grandson's baseball on May 1.

"I'm walking to the car, and then I passed out," Mize said. "So I didn't remember much of what happened to me."

Don Mize says that's fortunate. He was walking with Sharon when she fell on to him, he placed her on her back in the parking lot of the Pioneer Youth Baseball Facility in Saginaw.

"Her life flashed before my eyes," Mize said. "She wasn't breathing."

Saginaw Police officer Eric Schultz was off duty that day but working to provide security at the youth baseball complex.

"It's usually incredibly quiet there, and I typically patrol the entire perimeter just to stay active," Schultz said. "That's when someone ran up and said she needed help. To be honest, when I saw her, I thought she was dead."

Sharon Mize had just watched her 7-year old grandson round the bases. Now she was in full cardiac arrest.

Schultz, who joined Saginaw PD in 2016, performed CPR as the lone emergency responder on scene for five minutes.

When an ambulance arrived to transport Mize to Medical City Alliance in Fort Worth, her prospects for survival were not good.

"They said she had less than 20-percent heart function when she was admitted," her husband said. "Now she's regained nearly all that function back," Mize said.

Sharon Mize underwent multiple surgeries and had a defibrillator implanted on May 7. She is back home now and credits the quick action of officer Schultz for saving her life.

"He's like my angel," Mize said. "I just feel blessed to be here."

The sentiment is shared by Schultz.

"I was blessed to be a part of that situation ā€“ and Iā€™m glad I was there when I was,ā€ Schultz said.