Looking for open water? The City of Plano wants you to consider launching your kayak or paddle board inside city limits. Starting Wednesday, the quarter-mile long pond behind the Oak Point Nature and Retreat Center is open to kayakers and paddle boarders.

"I've been here quite a few times and walked around the lake and seen quite a few people biking and running and having a great time -- obviously no one has been in the water out here," said Suzanne Johnston of Plano.

Johnston and her son Trot were among the first to test the water.

"It feels pretty nice to feel the wind on your face and to put your hands in the water. It's pretty fun," said 13-year-old Trot.

It's part of a push to keep residents from leaving town to enjoy the water sports.

"We're hoping to develop this into kind of the premier kayaking place for the City of Plano with lessons rentals and activities for the whole family out here," said Mike Swope of Kayak Power, the private company brought in to handle boat rentals for the City of Plano.

It's a new body of water waiting to be explored.

"I think it's great. It's a great option. It's a small body of water, but if you've never kayaked before, it's a good place to start," said Johnston.