"No more hugs."

That was the message from Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin in a Facebook post Wednesday. Outside of family members and close friends, the sheriff said he will no longer be receiving or giving hugs.

His statement comes amidst numerous sexual assault allegations against celebrities, journalists and politicians around the country like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and even Texas politician Rep. Joe Barton of Ellis County.

According to Kaelin, as of Thursday morning no action has been taken by the County to change their current standard operating procedure regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, but they are currently reviewing their policies.

In the meantime, Kaelin said his post still stands -- no more hugs unless you're a relative or very close friend.

"Sad, but you just don't know when this hug might come back and bite you," Kaelin's post read. "The workplace, for one, can become hostile if an employee 'feels' threatened by your hugs...SO IT'S OVER."

So from now on, Kaelin says you can expect a handshake or a knuckle bump from him.

His post sparked plenty of debate on Facebook. You can see the original post here.