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'We need all the help we can get': North Texas drivers brace for potential relief at the gas pump

President Joe Biden says he could make a decision on a federal gas tax holiday or possibility of gas rebate cards sometime this week.

DALLAS — Drivers across the country could soon learn whether they’ll see some relief at the gas pump. President Joe Biden announced he could made a decision about a federal gas tax holiday by the end of the week.

Rising fuel prices are hitting consumers’ wallets hard right now.

“They’re ridiculous. Prices are very high right now,” said Dermarace Wofford as she filled up her car at a gas station in Dallas on Monday.

The increasing fuel prices has many drivers fuming.

“I used to waste about 30 or 40 bucks. Now I waste about $100 to $150 a week,” Honorio Garcia said.

Emily Avila is a nursing student. She said she’s been balancing tuition payments and buying gasoline to get around.

“I kid you not, my car is not new or anything like that. And I do spend about $70 to $80 a week,” Avila explained.

That consumer reality had Biden speaking out.

"Yes, I'm concerned,” said Biden.

During a trip to the beach on Monday, the president said he may soon decide whether he’ll temporarily pause the federal gasoline tax – money that is typically used for funding road projects.

“I hope I have a decision based on data I'm looking for, by the end of the week,” Biden said.

This move comes as several lawmakers began floating the idea of a gas tax holiday and the possibility of gas rebate cards.

"Well, that's part of what we considered. That's part of the whole operation,” Biden explained.

According to the Texas Comptroller’s office, the state already imposes a 20-cent per gallon tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. The federal government taxes just over 18 cents per gallon on gas.

“People are definitely feeling it at the gas pump, without a doubt,” explained Lisa Miller, a consumer strategist.

Miller has been analyzing months of data around consumer behavior and inflation.

“There are so many people that are struggling paycheck to paycheck right now. So I do think that consumers need relief. I think they will need to work out how that will work relative to what we learned last year form the stimulus. But in general, yes, there’s a lot of consumers out there that need relief,” Miller said.

So, just what could relief at the pump look like for drivers? Consumers may find out in the coming days.

“We need all the help we can get,” Wofford said.

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