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Multiple North Texas cities have asked residents to conserve water. Here's what that means

North Richland Hills, Duncanville, Plano and Farmersville are asking customers to use their water for emergency uses only.

DUNCANVILLE, Texas — Cities in North Texas are asking customers to use their water for emergency uses only, like cooking, flushing and drinking.

  • North Richland Hills
  • Duncanville
  • Plano
  • Farmersville

Duncanville residents are under a stage 3 water warning, meaning they've been asked to reduce toilet flushing, shower and dishwasher use, and washing clothes. The warning is to help prevent the potential for a boil water notice.

Officials in North Richland Hills said one of its water suppliers are working to keep up with demands and asked residents to conserve through the weekend.

Multiple cities in North Texas were still under a boil water notice Thursday.

What does this mean?

Demand is outpacing supply. Stop dripping water from faucets if you currently have heat in your home. If you have to drop water, capture the water for other uses, like flushing.

Delay taking showers and baths, and using washing machines and dishwashers until the water crisis has ended.

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  • Isolate any water leaks and repair them immediately
  • Delay showers and only take sponge baths when necessary
  • If possible, do not drip your faucets. If you need to drip or stream faucets to prevent pipe problems, collect the water for other uses like filling your toilets or washing dishes
  • Turn off water to brush teeth, shave or soap up in a shower
  • Protect hose bibs and faucets from freezing weather
  • Peel and clean vegetables in a large bowl instead of under running water


  • Do not hoard water
  • Do not wash clothes or dishes more than absolutely necessary. Don't use a washing machine when you don't need to wash them.
  • Do not use the garbage disposal. Instead, place food scraps in a garbage can or compost bin

On Wednesday, officials with the North Texas Municipal Water District urged their customers to stop all non-essential water use immediately. 

NTMWD serves about 1.8 million people across 10 counties in the region. It is facing never-before-seen increases in demand at the same time it is dealing with equipment issues related to the cold weather, officials said in a news release Wednesday. 

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