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'A life-threatening situation': North Texans share heartbreaking tales of fear and frustration amid power outages

WFAA set up a voicemail for viewers to share how they’re surviving. More than 6,200 messages later, it’s clear people need answers and someone to listen.

DALLAS — The power grid isn’t the only thing being tested in North Texas this week -- So is our resilience.

"We have been without power since 2 a.m. Monday," a woman in Weatherford said Wednesday night, 60 hours after her lights went off and heat went out. 

"I’ve called Oncor. I’ve emailed. No response," she said. "It’s incredibly frustrating."

She left a message on the voicemail line WFAA has set up so viewers can share their frustrations about losing power for days during some of the coldest temperatures on record.

Shirley who lives in Krum told us her husband, a disabled veteran, was living in their car outside their home. She said it was the only way he could power his oxygen.

"I’m running out of gas. I can’t get any more gas because the roads are hard getting out of Krum," she said. "This is going to end up killing my husband," Shirley said through tears. "This is a life-threatening situation."

Another woman left a message saying she was alone in her home and going crazy. "I’m 76-years-old," she said. "This is just killing me."

The calls came in at a rate of three or four every minute. By Wednesday night, WFAA had received more than 6,200 messages.

Many of them asked why neighborhoods across the street never lost power while they’d been out for days. 

Others complained about frigid conditions and busted pipes inside their homes.

Most said they could get no answers about when relief was coming, and they felt like no one was listening.

Shirley ended her message revealing more than frustration. She has real fear.

"He is a United States veteran, disabled from Agent Orange," she said. "And nobody gives a crap."