On December 26, an EF4 tornado crossed a small stretch of I-30 in Garland. The Tornado killed 9 people. Kimberly Tippett and her one year old son Kamryn, Petra Ruiz, Timothy Harris, Jose Juarez, Leo Mota, Cecil Lowrie, LaShondra Whitaker and Sharva Sanders.

Within hours, the highway was back open and attention quickly shifted to the more immediate needs of a massive disaster. The tragedy that occurred here was seemingly forgotten.

In any other situation, if nine people had died, we'd still be talking about it.

Detective Nick Vann, a man of faith, would be responsible for telling families how their loved ones died.

Ahmad was a good Samaritan who showed up to the scene just after a tornado swept across I-30 in Garland.

Morriss Carr was put into an induced coma after he was rescued. When he woke they told him Sharva Sanders, longtime girlfriend and the mother of his children, was dead.

Help Morris Carr

It would be 24 hours before Cathy Tippett would find out that her 30 year-old-daughter and 1-year-old grandson died on the scene.

Help Cathy Tippett

I-30 was cleaned and reopened in a matter of hours and the rebuilding of homes and business will continue for years. What happened that night permanently changed dozens of lives forever.