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Coloradans travel 150 miles to buy 100 McRib sandwiches

It's the ultimate quest for the McRib sandwich: two hours of driving to get their hands on the snack we all love to hate. Four Coloradans were down for the challenge, and smuggled 100 of them across state lines.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It's a nightmare for some: no McRib sandwich within a 150-mile radius.

For a group of friends in Colorado Springs, it's a problem they knew they could solve.

Once Kodi Nottingham and Angela Fugate realized that no McDonald's locations in the state of Colorado were selling the newly-returned McRib sandwich, they turned to the McRib locator.

Yes, that's a thing. Check it out here.

They discovered the closest McDonald's location serving up the barbecue sandwich was in Raton, Nex Mexico. Despite the two-hour drive from Colorado Springs, they were dedicated to getting their hands on it.

They even posted on a community Facebook page in Colorado Springs called "The 411 for The 719," announcing that they were on a journey to get McRib sandwiches, and they would bring one back for anyone who wanted one. Dozens of users commented, requesting the sticky, saucy snack.

On Friday, Nottingham, Fugate and two other friends piled into the car to drive to New Mexico. They documented the entire journey on a Twitter account they named "McRibRun."

While they were driving, Fugate called the Raton McDonald's to place their order. Once they arrived, they shoveled out $300 to purchase the sandwiches, stacked them in the trunk and headed back to Colorado Springs.

When they got home, they stuffed business cards for their real estate business in the sandwich boxes, parked in front of their business and handed out the sandwiches to everyone who requested one.

A shameless marketing ploy for their company, sure - but it was also delicious.

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