DALLAS — It was perfect timing, and we're sure Netflix knew that. 

Debuting a new show with an organizing icon at the start of a new year, when everyone is making resolutions to live better. The plan couldn't have worked better, as a single show has motivated North Texans like never before. 

It's called "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo." Kondo is a Japanese organizer and author of books that tout the 'magic' of organization, minimalism and streamlining what you keep in your home. Netflix brought her wisdom off the page and into millions of homes, including the Roseman's in Dallas.

"My kids totally made fun of the show and I'm like 'Wait – don't turn it off, I love this!'" said Amy Roseman.

After watching a few episodes, Roseman ditched her duplicate utensils that filled her kitchen drawers. 

"Opening your kitchen drawer and having it look all nice and neat it really does bring you joy," she said!

We asked viewers on our WFAA Facebook page and a lot of you said you watched and purged your closets! 

"Anything that helps people organize I'm all for," said Michelle Schroeder, a professional organizer who's made a career of decluttering North Texans for 12 years through her business, Unhurried Life.

Schroeder says she uses some of Kondo's main methods. They are to only keep items that spark joy in your life. Be grateful for the things that don't, thank them for their service, and then toss them. Finally, be able to see what you have.   

"Her folding method is very specific to stacking items in a vertical way," said Schroeder, as she showed her newborn's onesies perfectly placed in a drawer. 

If you're feeling inspired and want to tackle some organizing on your own, Schroeder recommends you begin with the small stuff.

"Start with clothes, or in your pantry with food, things like that," she said.

If you need help, there's no project too big or small for professional organizers. WFAA connected with Schroeder through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, whose Dallas/Fort Worth chapter was the 2018 Chapter of the Year.