Mickey Valencia woke up early Monday morning to see the news on his television: a mass shooting.

At first, he didn't know where it was.

"Gosh, I wonder what country, where this is now," Mickey Valencia said to himself.

As he continued watching, he learned the shooting was in Las Vegas at the Route 91 concert, where his two daughters were earlier that night.

That's when the emotions set in.

"I started freaking out. My heart dropped, my stomach was just in knots. And as a father, I just wanted to jump up and fly out there. I mean as quickly as I can to go protect my girls," said Valencia.

Fortunately, when the Georgetown father checked his phone, he saw on Snapchat that Arieana and Michelle were ok.

But not after a long and scary night.

"We just hear a bunch of gunshots," Michelle Valencia said.

The trip to Las Vegas was supposed to be a 27th celebration for Michelle. The sisters attended the Route 91 Festival last year as well. Valencia explained what happened after her three sisters and mother heard the gunshots.

"At that point, we realized those are gunshots so we lock arms, and hunch over and take off. Luckily we were close to an exit...We kept running. We ran into a fence, we jumped over it, it was probably 6 feet high. People were just following us. People were just falling down, trying to hop over the fence," Michelle Valencia said.

The five eventually sought shelter at a nearby condo.

"All five of us are in a bathtub. There are about 20 to 25 people in this condo for three and a half hours. No one's really trying to talk because everybody's scared. They're screaming outside. Outside the doors, we hear people saying, her legs broken. We need help, this guy's shot. Oh my gosh that guy's dead," said the Arieana Valencia, the younger sister.

The Valencia sisters said the experience was so traumatic, they haven't slept much. They've played the scenes over and over in their head, especially the part of how they survived.

"What if. We can go on and on and on about what if, it gives me anxiety," said Michelle Valencia.

The sisters don't plan to return to Vegas anytime soon. In fact, Arieana Valencia said she has to find a new location for her bachelorette party in April. It was supposed to be in Las Vegas.

The sisters were also scheduled to attend a Luke Bryan next month. They are thinking about not going.

Meantime, Mickey Valencia said he is proud of his daughters. The former marine said they didn't lose their cool, followed through, kept the group safe and didn't leave anyone behind.