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Mount Hood Meadows cracking down on those not wearing masks

Offenders could have their passes suspended temporarily or for the entire season if they do not comply with the mask mandate.

MT HOOD, Ore. — Mt. Hood Meadows is cracking down on those who are not meeting face mask requirements. 

The popular ski resort is warning riders if they do not wear a mask that covers both the face and mouth in compliance with state COVID-19 restrictions, they will risk getting their pass suspended. 

“We have removed some people from the mountain and suspended their passes for not complying with our masking guidelines and for their hostile behavior towards our team," said Greg Pack, general manager of the resort.

He said if a guest needs to be reminded to wear a mask, they will receive a warning. An employee will ask to see their pass and take down that person's information. 

"If you are polite then we will put a note in your pass profile and you can move on with your day. If you are disrespectful or treat our team members poorly, your pass will be suspended for a minimum of two weeks," Pack said. 

To get a pass reactivated, offenders will need to meet with a Department of Public Safety manager and other members of the management team. If there are any further issues, the pass will be pulled for the entire season, and that person will jeopardize any season pass purchase in the future.

“We are taking this pandemic very seriously and we need you, our guest, to take it seriously as well," said Meadows lifts manager Cody Howe. "Your behavior is putting our entire operation at risk. This place is beautiful, the snow has been great. If you want to be here with us, you have to act like it. We will not accept anything less.”

Mask compliance is required throughout the resort including on shuttles, in parking lots, in lodges, lift lines, on chairlifts and all other outdoor locations where you cannot maintain 6 feet of distance.

For more information, visit the resort website at SkiHood.com.


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