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Mom searching for stolen journal, written for her son since before he was born

Jill Bird said the journal was in her purse when it was stolen out of her car at Airfield Falls Conservation park. It's "priceless," she said.

WESTWORTH VILLAGE, Texas — A Benbrook mother is hoping someone can help her track down a priceless possession that was stolen Saturday morning at the popular Airfield Falls Conservation Park, right near the Joint Reserve Base in Tarrant County's Westworth Village. 

"I had taken my purse. I never take my purse with me," said Jill Bird, who is a school nurse with a photography business on the side. She was at the park for a photoshoot. She hid the purse in the back seat of her car, locked her doors and went on her shoot.

An hour later, about 9 a.m., she got in her car to drive away.

"I looked down and noticed there was glass in my car and my purse was missing," Bird said. "And automatically my first thought was: my journal."

This wasn't just any journal. Bird started the journal the moment she found out she was pregnant with her son David Clay, who's now three years old. Bird still writes in it.

"I wanted a record of everything," she said. "I've written all his firsts, his milestones, all the funny things he says and does, all my hopes and dreams for him."

One day, she planned to give it to him.

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"That's why I kept it with me, because whenever he'd do something, I'd jot it down," Bird said. "I cant re-create the little things, and somebody has it."

Bird said there were immediately two charges on her card from a nearby Tom Thumb on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. The Westworth Village police chief said the store is providing them with surveillance of a possible suspect.

Bird worries the journal was immediately dumped because it's of no value to anyone but her.

"I spent all day Saturday dumpster diving and looking for it," she said. "It ruined my Mother's Day."

She doesn't have a photo of the journal, but said it's light blue, with darker blue foil-embossed arrows on it.

She's offering a $500 reward to whoever returns it to her, no questions asked. It's a small price, she said, for something so priceless.

"It means everything to me and my family," she said.

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