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'It's been a month': Mom of missing woman pleads for answers, as Dallas police continue search for man she was last seen with

It's been a month since Marisela Botello disappeared and Dallas police think she is in danger.

Dallas police held a new conference Thursday afternoon, asking the public for help in finding Marisela Botello.

“Please assist us because we need more information,” said Lt. Eric Roman with Dallas PD Missing Persons. 

Police upgraded Botello’s case from a "want to locate" to an "endangered person" Tuesday. The 23-year-old disappeared from Deep Ellum on Oct. 4.

She flew to Dallas from Seattle to visit her ex-boyfriend and decided to go out alone for the evening.

“If you were in the area and you happen to see her, talk to her or take a picture with her, please contact us,” said Lt. Roman.

Police said they have video of her with a man the night she disappeared.

They’ve identified him as Charles Beltran. 

Credit: Dallas Police Department
Charles Beltran

He too has disappeared and can’t be found. So, police have issued a "want to locate" bulletin for him.

“He is not a suspect. He’s just a person of interest regarding this case because we need information from him, since he is the last person Marisela was with,” said Lt. Roman. 

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Police said in the video Marisela does not seem scared or in distress, but something happened to her after the video was taken.

Marisela’s mother, Ernestina Valadez told WFAA she hopes Beltran is found or comes forward. 

"They need to find that person because he knows something about my daughter. He's the last person that was with her,” said Valadez, mother.

Valadez tearfully told WFAA every day without her daughter is excruciating.

"It's been a month. Too much time is passing and I am afraid something has happened to her,” said Valadez.

Sources told WFAA Dallas police cannot find Beltran’s car or locate his phone. And said they have been trying to trace his whereabouts. 

“We are following up everywhere he has been and following up with people he knows,” said Lt. Roman.

Marisela's mother is begging anyone who knows where Beltran is to please come forward.

"If they could find it in their heart to tell where he is. I wouldn't want them to be suffering the pain I'm going through. It's very difficult not knowing anything,” said Lt. Roman.

 Marisela's mom said she calls her daughter's phone constantly hoping she answers. She also told WFAA  there has been no activity on her credit or debit cards. Police said she has not posted on social media.

"This hurts so much. I can't stop thinking about her, and ask God to protect her and that nothing bad has happened to her. I pray every day for any news about her,” said Valadez. 

Dallas police are asking the public to come forward. They said even if your information seems insignificant, it might be the key piece of information that could help find Botello. 

Dallas police said if you have information, contact the Missing Person’s Division at 214-671-4268 or email Missingpersons@dpd.dallascityhall.com

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