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‘I honestly just felt called to do it’: Mint Dentistry owner launches the ‘Amen Church’ at Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas

Dr. Field Harrison said he's launching Amen Church. He said all donations will go directly to charity and no one is taking a salary -- it's 100% volunteer.

DALLAS — You might know Dr. Field Harrison as a successful dentist and the owner of Mint Dentistry. 

But now, you’ll see him in a new role as the leader of the Amen Church.

”I honestly just felt called to do it,” said Harrison. 

He said a few years ago he was diagnosed with tinnitus, a severe ringing in his ears, which made it hard to sleep. Harrison said that’s when he knew it was time to start his church. 

“My ears started ringing out of nowhere, and I felt called to do it before then. But when my ears started ringing, I just knew this was the time," he said. 

So, he set out to find the perfect venue and he did. 

Harrison has rented the Meyerson Symphony Center for a year to host church every Sunday morning.

“I went through, I thought how amazing if we could have church here,” said Harrison.

His wife Sabrina said the name for the church came to her while reading the bible. 

”So in reading the Bible, that’s the one word I read every day, and it’s actually one of the names of God. So when I read 'amen,' right then I knew,” said Sabrina Harrison.

The Harrisons said what is unique about their church is that it’s 100% volunteer and no one, including them, will get a salary.

”We want to change the reputation of the church where people can’t say this church is self-serving or self-promoting,” said Harrison.

He said their goal is to give all the money they make from donations directly back to the community.

”Right now, what we’re planning to do is list the donations we got that week and where it’s going,” said Harrison.

Last Sunday’s money, they said, went to Children’s Hospital. 

”We are trying to get our feet and hands dirty, and just try to be and meet every need as we possibly can,” said Sabrina Harrison.

The Harrisons said they know that what they are doing is unconventional but that’s the point, to reach the disenfranchised.   

“I am so passionate about my faith and in this season, being doers of the word and not just hearers and put our faith into action,” said Harrison.

The Harrisons said a series of miracles got them to the venue, and now they hope it will inspire others. 

Services will be every Sunday at 9 a.m. at the Meyerson Symphony Center located at 2301 Flora Street in Dallas. Click here for more on Amen Church.