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Ahead of Chauvin trial, silent marchers demonstrate in Minneapolis

The march at the Hennepin County Government Center mourns George Floyd and calls for justice and policing reform.

MINNEAPOLIS — One day before jury selection in Derek Chauvin's trial is set to begin, demonstrators are mourning George Floyd and calling for justice. 

Organizers for the "'I Can't Breathe' Silent March For Justice" asked attendees to bring flowers and signs for the march, which started Sunday afternoon at the Hennepin County Government Center.

According to the Facebook event for the event, demonstrators are marching for justice for George Floyd and others killed by law enforcement. Organizers wrote that they will mourn Floyd's death and demand significant policing changes for Minneapolis and across the country. 

A group of demonstrators carried a white replica coffin, covered with red flowers. 

With jury selection coming Monday, the silent march was not the only event planned for Sunday. 

A group of Minnesota faith leaders said they met at the Government Center Sunday afternoon to pray ahead of the trial. Pray for MN, the group behind the prayer gathering, said speakers led prayers "for justice, safety in our city, unity across racial lines and integrity of the judicial system."

On Saturday, another march called for the conviction of Derek Chauvin. Demonstrators marched from the site of George Floyd's death to the Government Center, then back to the memorial site.

While jury selection starts Monday, officials said testimony for Chauvin's trial will not begin before March 29. Juror identities will remain secret until an unspecified later date when Judge Peter Cahill, who will preside over the case, decides it is safe to reveal that information.

Credit: David Peterlinz, KARE
Community members place flowers at Hennepin County Government Center during a “Silent March,” one day before the trial of Derek Chauvin.

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