A home daycare owner in Mesquite has been arrested on child endangerment charges after a complaint surfaced about how she "physically handled" infants and toddlers in her care, police said.

Rebecca Anderson, 60, was arrested on nine charges of endangering a child. Her bond was set at $25,000 for each charge, according to a police news release.

Police received the complaint about Anderson on Friday morning and obtained a search warrant for Anderson's home daycare in the 4300 block of Tamarix Court in Mesquite.

While investigating, police "obtained evidence of additional mistreatment" of the children in Anderson's care, including possible exposure to "unnecessary doses" of over-the-counter medicine, extended periods of "restricted movement," and poor hygiene, the news release said.

Mesquite police and Child Protective Services investigators executed a search warrant at Anderson's home on Friday, and then shut the daycare down. Nine young children were removed from the daycare and reunited with their parents, police said.

Police were working with Children's Hospital in Dallas to help the families have each of the children evaluated. The investigation was still ongoing Saturday.

Police were working to identify other children who may have been under Anderson's care. Parents of children who were care for by Anderson are asked to call Mesquite police at 972-285-6336.