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Stylist offers confidence-boosting tips for North Texas women

"If we can help a woman feel her best when she walks out the door in the morning, the ripple effect can be so positive."

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — How many times have you looked in your closet and thought – I have nothing to wear! Too many to count. 

Carolyn Wang’s mission as a designer and stylist is to give women confidence in their wardrobe and she hopes her family’s new fashion experience will transform how women feel about going shopping.

Meison Studio is a fashion house in the middle of Southlake.

"On this side, where we’re sitting right now, we have product meetings where our buyers come in to view the collection," says Wang. 

Wang is the merchandise director and stylist at Meison Studio. We listened in on one of her styling sessions.

"It’s not that they’re without clothes, it’s just that what they have hanging does not meet their own expectations of how they would like to appear," says Wang. 

Sound familiar? To shift how shoppers see themselves in a mirror, Wang is pushing poise over product, guiding women to find the best wardrobe for themselves.

"If we can help a woman feel her best when she walks out the door in the morning, the ripple effect can be so positive. If we can help a woman not have to worry about her wardrobe anymore, I think the world will be a better place," says Wang. 

Certainly, a happier one!

"Clothing does not make a woman, but I know that it affects how she feels about herself," says Wang. 

The mom-of-three can face the same clothing battles. She’s been with the female-founded company for two decades; they carry five brands in-house.

"Typically, this type of personal experience that we have here is usually set with some of those exclusive designer brands. We have brands that are offered at Nordstrom's, and we also have brands that are offered at Macy’s and Belk," says Wang. 

Variety makes the experience accessible; Wang says variety is also why women make an appointment to see her.

"There are so many choices out there, and they’re not quite sure what’s right for them or where to start. Quick tips! Make a list, keep inventory of what they have hanging in their own closet first so they’re not repeating. The second one is shopping for your body type and fit and not necessarily the trends," says Wang. 

Two ways, Wang says, to help you start rethinking how to build your wardrobe and build up your confidence.

Meison Studio books in-person or virtual styling.

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