Residents in one new McKinney neighborhood are frustrated because mail isn't being delivered to their home. For Kelly Broussard it's been almost 2 months where she's had to personally drive to the post office to pick up her mail.

"My husband is pissed...cross-eyed pissed," said Broussard.

Broussard says she learned through the post office that USPS will not be delivering mail directly to people's individual mailboxes. USPS confirmed with News 8 that they were implementing a centralized delivery system that would incorporate community post boxes or neighborhood units in that development.

"I'm tired of going to the post office and waiting in line," said Broussard.

She's one of the first homeowners in a brand new development north of 380 in McKinney. Erwin Farms is expected to have hundreds of homes by the end of the build out.

"I'm so used to having a box in front of my house," said Bryan Bess who came to check out the progress on his new home.

Essex Management manages the HOA at Erwin Farms. A representative told us that the individual mailboxes will have to be torn down.

"Just shock because I was never aware of any of this ever," she said.

They were not aware that USPS had mandated Community post boxes for here.

A representative with Essex Management sent us this statement:
"We were surprised the Postal Service did not proactively notify us and other communities of the new practice. We are quickly working to meet the new standards."

After speaking with an executive with the HOA, we were told that the timeline for bringing in the community post box is "ASAP."

Bess admitted to News 8 that a community post box would have been a deal-breaker for him if he was just looking to purchase a house.

"If it was at the apartment or the townhouses, yeah, but not here," he said.

USPS tells News 8 they've met with the developer and are currently working on a solution. In a statement sent to News 8 it reads:

"Unfortunately, the developer did not contact the U. S. Postal Service prior to constructing individual mailboxes in their current unauthorized locations. Newly established or extended business or residential customers must request and receive approval of the delivery location and mode of delivery from the local Postmaster or District designees. Options and requirements for modes of delivery are directed by the Postal Service. The Postal Service has determined that centralized delivery is the most efficient, cost-effective and safest method of providing service to our customers and is the preferred mode of delivery for all future development."

News 8 has made inquiries to the developer but our late calls were not returned on Tuesday. We will make an effort to reach out to the developer on this matter.