As multiple agencies investigate a string of potentially linked package bombings that happened over a period of 10 days in Austin, Mayor Steve Adler, reaffirmed to the public that the recent incidents have not diminished the safety of the city.

The mayor said the three explosions in March that killed two people and injured two others are unusual incidents.

"The most important thing for people to know is that we are a safe city, and we will continue to be a safe city," Adler said.

However, Adler added that residents must be vigilant as law enforcement agencies attempt to track down the culprit.

"If it's something you're doing but you're not sure whether you should really do it or not, I think the answer is call 911," said Adler.

So what defines suspicious?

Adler said, "If it you're feeling any measure of discomfort or it just doesn't feel or look right, call 911. Let someone else decide if it's important or not."

Adler mentioned that spring festivals like SXSW are happening in the Austin area this week but noted that the explosions don't appear to be connected to them. Adler also added that the police resources used for SXSW have not impacted the explosion investigations.

"At this point, our resources are not being taxed to the degree that we're creating any holes anywhere," he said. Adler added that he is grateful to the agencies that have offered to support the Austin police as they continue to investigate but, at this point, they haven't had to accept the offers.


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