WEATHERFORD, Texas -- There isn't much Marine Corps Major Andrew Butler wouldn't do to find a missing member of his family.

And that's why Butler is searching the woods around Weatherford, hundreds of miles away from home, in hopes of finding his five-year-old Australian Shepherd, Cody.

Cody ran away when Butler got rear-ended last Friday during a cross-country move to another military base, from California to North Carolina. He was able to break loose from his harness, run across several lanes of traffic and into a field, before disappearing, said Butler. The crash happened on Interstate 20 Eastbound, near exit 410, near Love's Truck Stop, in Weatherford, Texas.

Since then, dozens of people have shared posts on Facebook about the search for Cody. A search dog even came out, sniffed Cody's harness, and tracked Cody's trail, but was unable to find him. Others have reached out to Butler and his wife about sightings around town.

"We're lucky it happened in Weatherford, Texas, and we've got a wonderful community here," said Butler. "It's been a little overwhelming, in a good way, to see everybody come out for a stranger they don't know."

Butler went on to North Carolina after searching in Weatherford for a few days, and returned to Texas Wednesday to resume the search.

"He's a tough dog. He's smart. We're confident he's going to come out of this," said Butler.

The Parker County Sheriff's Office is assisting in the search. They've offered any resources they can. Animal control supervisor Karen Kessler saw Butler's plea on Facebook and went to Sheriff Larry Fowler.

"He said, 'What do you want to do,' and I said, 'Sheriff, that's why I'm coming to you,' and he said, 'Well, where you're looking at is pretty wooded, do you need a helicopter?'" said Kessler. "{Butler} has given to us {as a Marine}, so we want to give back."

Two days later, Kessler and Butler were in a Parker County vehicle, using the PA system to call for Cody, and going into wooded area near creek beds, where Cody might have searched for water.

There, Butler left food and clothing with traces of his scent, in hopes it would lure his dog.

He also hung fliers, asking people to call him, if they spotted Cody.

"I think we will find him," said Kessler. "I'm praying that we do."

Butler is hopeful that when he leaves for North Carolina on Monday, this time, he'll have his best friend, right alongside him -- with, just one difference.

"GPS tracker, straight onto his collar immediately," said Butler, laughing.

A search dog is coming back out Saturday to help find Cody. If you spot Cody, call 919-924-6244 or Parker County Animal Control at 817-598-4111.