DALLAS — The holidays are over and The Bachelor is back on our WFAA airwaves so it's safe to say, love is in the air. 

And it's not just us saying that. Experts agree we are at the start of the peak dating season. 

Matchmaker Jennifer Styers says if you’re looking for love, winter is prime time.

"They’re putting the new year in front of them, everything’s about hope at this point," Styers said. "Also, it's cold out, it's snuggle weather, people want to cuddle." 

The team at Match, which has its headquarters in Dallas, confirmed it.

"Our peak season is the day after Christmas to Valentine's Day," said Stefanie Howley, who is a dating coach with Match Group.

This week began with Dating Sunday. 

Historically dating apps see a huge spike in use the first Sunday of a new year. But for 2020, Match blew its predictions out of the water.

"We saw a 100% increase in new users just yesterday on Dating Sunday," Howley said. 

That number reflects both newbies and singles who weren’t active before and are now diving back in. Those numbers are only for Match, but the company also owns Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Tinder and Hinge. 

No matter your app of choice, you've probably seen an uptick in matches lately. If not, here's our Matchmaker's best online dating tip, directed at women. 

"The best success statistically is when women reach out and make those connections and it could be 'Hey, love your dog,' anything that’s a conversation starter," Styers said. 

Sure, your date could be terrible…but what if it's not?

Styers hosts a podcast called Lovability

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