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L.O.L. Surprise! dolls cause panic as parents discover inappropriate clothing when put in cold water

When dipped in cold water, the dolls display what many consider inappropriate clothing. KTVB's Maggie O'Mara put this claim to the test.

BOISE, Idaho — Have you heard about the uproar surrounding L.O.L. Surprise! dolls?

A viral video was seen by 26 million people just this week, so many of you probably have. There's more than one video out there, each showing how when the dolls are dipped in cold water, they display what many consider inappropriate clothing, undergarments, and lingerie. 

There's no warning on the packaging that's what will happen. Although there is a warning that the boy dolls are anatomically correct, which is causing even more controversy.

KTVB's Maggie O'Mara shared a video on Facebook of a mother testing out one of her daughter's dolls. To her surprise, when dipped in cold water, the doll displayed wearing a strappy black top and pants. One displayed fishnet stockings and a purple bikini top.

After viewing this video, Maggie decided to test out the dolls her daughter has. 

"L.O.L. Dolls are a big deal at my house. My little girl loves them. I'm really shocked to see this," Maggie wrote. "Why is this happening? I intend to test our dolls tonight. I'm hoping we hear from the manufacturer very soon, and that this ends. Don't mess with moms, it's never going to end well."

Sure enough, Maggie's test gave her the same results as other mothers.

"So, as promised, I went home and tested about 10 dolls that we have. Only one had an inappropriate outfit after dipping it in the cold water. I am still upset about it," Maggie wrote on Facebook. "I don't see why an outfit like this one is acceptable by the manufacturer. There are little swimsuits that are age-appropriate on the other dolls, this one is not. As a mother, I know better now to really investigate my children's toys."

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