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Local immigration activists celebrate SCOTUS decision ending "Remain in Mexico" policy

Immigration activist Sandra Avalos believes today’s decision will also stop tragedies like the 53 migrants found dead in a tractor-trailer in south Texas.

DALLAS — Sandra Avalos is one of America's DREAMERS. She is one of the young activists who has been watching and waiting on one of the most important decisions from the United States Supreme Court that will impact her life and many people she loves.

"It's something that we have continuously been fighting in the courts," Avalos said. 

Immigration activist Sandra Avalos is celebrating Thursday’s Supreme Court decision. She and her family migrated to the United States and now fight for others. 

Sandra views winning the Texas v. Biden case as the start of a bigger battle to reform immigration.

"It's something that we knew this was a possibility, and that's why we have always pushed for a permanent solution," said Avalos.

Sandra and other activists got a big win when the high court ruled that the Biden administration properly ended a Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy. That policy forced many asylum-seekers to stay in central America to await hearings. 

Sandra believes today’s decision will also stop tragedies like the 53 migrants found dead in a tractor-trailer in south Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott mentioned the tragedy in his response to the high court decision, saying "fully enforcing Remain-in-Mexico would deter thousands more migrants from making that deadly trek, and President Biden should take that simple step to secure the border."

Domingo Garcia serves as National President of The League of United Latin American Citizens. He defends people wanting a better life.

"Legal immigration was closed," said Domingo Garcia, "All they're asking is a shot at the American dream, and they were not being given that because, in essence, both the legal immigration was closed and the only way to come across was illegally."

Garcia said he believes the Biden Administration should work hard to make sure people seeking a life in America should have a fair shot at it. Especially since, in many cases, they are fleeing from conditions no human being should have to endure no matter where you live.

"The politicians in Austin with Gov. Abbott's Lone Star failure to deal with a comprehensive immigration, warn this has driven people that are desperate. They're fleeing violence, they're fleeing poverty and misery," said Domingo Garcia.

The battle over the border and arguments over immigration are far from over.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a statement stating in part, 'Today's decision makes the border crisis worse. But it's not the end. I'll keep pressing forward.

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