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Baking products plagued by supply chain disruptions

Add it to the list of items impacted by supply chain issues. Rising prices of baking products are affecting bakeries, pizza shops, and grocery stores.

Neil DeBlasi takes pride in every pie that goes out the door here at Tony's Pizza in Peckville, including the price. 

"At this point, we haven't raised anything, and I won't, "DeBlasi said.

"Bottom line - we're making less. But at this point, honestly, we don't feel comfortable passing it on. We know people are struggling."

The third-generation pizza shop owner is trying to strike a balance between keeping costs down and his 73-year-old family tradition intact.

"So when it comes to ingredients and stuff like that, sometimes you gotta scurry to find stuff to fill that void. And hopefully, it's the same thing you've been using for all these years," said DeBlasi.

The cost of baking products such as flour, shortenings, and oils is rising. Supply chain disruptions are causing unpredictable shortages of bakery staples. Minooka Pastry Shop co-owner Joseph Zakreski says the toughest item to come by at the moment is chocolate chips.

"Every time I order them, they come in out of stock. So I have not been able to get them for at least 6 to 8 weeks."

Business has been booming at the shop on Birney Avenue. Filling orders has not been a piece of cake.

"Well, you scramble. Sometimes you have to get it from someplace else; sometimes, you have to do without. You try to have bigger inventories."

Meanwhile, customers at grocery store bakery departments may have to dish out a little more for their favorite sweets.

"Especially our pastry cases, rolls, things like that, there has been an increase in price just because the stuff we're getting on our side is more costly too," said Katie Gallagher, spokesperson for ShopRite in Moosic.

For business owners, the worst part isn't in the profit margins or the product shortages. It's not knowing when the problem is going to end.

"We're just gonna hang tough, hope for the best, and hope for better days ahead."

The big worry now is how this will impact the holiday season. 

The owner of Minooka Pastry Shop says he's already started to stock up on all things pie-related.

"Another thing I've been having problems getting is pumpkin. So for whatever reason, the pumpkin crop has not been doing well this year, so it's a little bit scarce. So you try to order ahead and see what you can get. It's just part of the game," Zakreski said.

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