Witnessing tragic news events can be difficult for anyone, especially when it comes to impressionable young children

Last summer, five local law enforcement officers were killed in Dallas. News stations carried the dramatic story as it unfolded.

Now, a year later, on the anniversary of the police shootings, WFAA is providing an opportunity to try and make some sense of this senseless act for children, while giving them a way to send a personal message to our law enforcement personnel.

Click or tap on the images at the bottom of this story to download your own tribute coloring pages. (Don't see photos below? Go here). It’s a unique opportunity to talk about the events that took place last July.

We encourage you to upload video of your children reading their letters to police officers, and show off their artwork using the hashtags: #StandUnited, #DallasPoliceAssociation and #WFAA.

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