At the corner of Abrams and Trammel in Dallas' Lakewood neighborhood, you'll see a yard that's hard to ignore.

"Thousands of cars pass by here everyday, so if there is a way to say hi or brighten someone's day, 'Hey, let's do it," said homeowner Gary Isett.

Over the past four years, Gary Isett has blended Americana with just plain bizarre -- all for the amusement of the neighborhood. But last night for the first time -- Isett took a request.

He came home to find this flag on his porch with a nameless note asking him to fly it.

"I saw it, and I was like 'Man, I'm surprised I didn't do this before.' I had no problem, I went and cut down the skull and crossbones and up went the blue," Isett said.

A flag that he hopes will take those who see it back to that night one year ago.

"It was numbing you know, I've got a lot of friends that are Dallas Police officers. You know they're good men and women, you know it could have happened to them," he said.

The person who donated the flag didn't leave a name -- but knew that Isett could reach an audience from his front yard. Something that he says he's happy to do.

"It's all about giving back. In life you don't need to ask what's mine, you need to ask, 'What can I do?' More people need to do that," he said.