At the Southwest Patrol Division in Dallas, there is a special 10-man unit called Foxtrot.

"We have grown to be best friends, brothers and whatever you want to call it,” said Ofc. Fernando Silva.

The tight-knit unit was devastated on July 7, 2016. Three of the Foxtrots were killed, and three others wounded.

“We lost a third of our unit in 4 minutes, and another 3 were injured, so that's tough to deal with,” said Sr. Cpl. Brian Filliamgim.

Officer Michael Krol was the big guy with the big heart in the group. "He was large in stature, over 6-feet-tall, kind of a heavy set guy. He was a gentle giant,” said Officer Silva.

Officers Brian Filliamgim and Jorge Barrientos were standing next to Officer Krol that night.

“When it all started, everyone kind of hit the ground," Filliamgim said.

When they looked around, they saw Krol was down.

"I knew pretty soon he was not going to make it,” said Barrientos.

Krol who was 40 years old. He joined the department in 2008.

He left his family and friends in Michigan and moved more than a thousand miles away to be a Dallas police officer.

"He always appeared intimidating, but as soon as you started talking to him or had any conversation with him, you realized that he was one of the nicest guys you could ever talk to,” said Officer Jorge Barrientos.

His infectious laughter is what his unit says they sometimes miss the most.

He was the one cracking the jokes in detail.

"Mike would always sit in the back and kind of chuckle, and you knew if he was laughing, you were onto to something really good,” said Cpl. Filliamgim.

They lost their friends that night, and it changed them forever, but none of them quit.

“It’s coming back and honoring them and continuing to work,” said Officer Barrientos.

They honor Officer Krol and the other fallen officers by getting back on the streets and doing what they were sworn to do.