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Dallas woman to enter guilty plea murder-for-hire charge in husband's killing

Jennifer Faith also plans to waive her right to an appeal from her conviction and sentencing as long as it does not exceed the statutory maximum punishment.

DALLAS — Editor's note: The attached video is from Sept. 2021 about Jennifer Faith facing a murder-for-hire charge.

The Dallas woman whose husband was shot and killed in 2020 in an alleged murder-for-hire plot plans to accept a plea agreement, according to a document from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas.

Next week, Jennifer Lynne Faith, 49, plans to voluntarily waive her rights as a defendant and plead guilty to the murder-for-hire charge, the agreement said. She will also have to give information and testimony about her involvement in her husband's death, according to the document, obtained by WFAA.

After talking to her lawyers, "Faith has concluded that it is in her best interest to enter into this plea agreement and all its terms, rather than to proceed to trial in this case," the document said.

Faith was initially charged with obstruction of justice in the death of her husband, Jamie Faith, who was killed Oct. 9, 2020, while he and Jennifer walked their dog near their Oak Cliff home.

Later in September 2021, federal authorities said she encouraged her boyfriend to commit the murder by posing under fake email accounts.

At the time, an indictment was filed in Dallas federal court which said that Faith created a Gmail account under her husband's name on April 9, 2020. With the account, she emailed her boyfriend, Darrin Ruben Lopez, posing as her husband and "taunting Mr. Lopez with details of extreme physical and sexual abuse that never actually occurred," a news release from the U.S. attorney's office said.

Faith will also waive her right to an appeal from her conviction and sentencing, as long as it does not exceed the statutory maximum punishment.

The government will not bring any additional charges against Faith related to her plea of guilty, per the agreement.

If Faith is found guilty on her murder-for-hire charge, she could face a maximum penalty of life in prison or the death penalty. However, as a part of the plea deal, the government will agree to recommend a life sentence in prison.

The plea agreement is conditioned upon approval from the Attorney General of the United States. 

If Faith violates any part of the agreement, the government will be free to prosecute Faith for all offenses.

Editors Note: This story has been updated to reflect that paperwork shows Faith plans to enter the guilty plea.

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