DALLAS — Glen’s Kitchen got their barbecue smoker back.

“I almost was in tears,” said Glen Wilburn, who owns Glen's Kitchen. “It was like a piece of me was gone. Finally, I got it back.”

We first told you about Glen and Catina Wilburn a few weeks ago when their security cameras caught a man stealing their customized smoker.

“That’s the main thing I was really concerned about: How am I going to continue doing what I’m doing? I got a lot of people depending on me,” Glen said.

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The couple sold their home in Fort Worth and opened Glen's Kitchen only six months ago on Camp Wisdom Road in Oak Cliff.

After the story aired on June 6, dozens of viewers reached out to the WFAA newsroom, offering to help Glen’s Kitchen.

In just a few days, the restaurant raised over $3,000 through their GoFundMe page.

“We had so many people call us, just wanting to help,” Catina said. “It was amazing.”

Catina told WFAA they were driving to McKinney to pick up a smoker from someone who had offered to help. That’s when police called to say they found their original smoker. 

Officers told the Wilburns someone spotted their smoker near the intersection of Redbird Lane and Hampton Road, which is not far from their restaurant.

“He did use it,” Glen said, after inspecting his smoker. “He had some different type of wood. I think it was just some regular old planks that he was using. Just something he just had to throw in there quick to try to cook, but it wasn’t no smoking wood. But he did use it. Everything else was in perfect condition.”

Since they were able to get their smoker back, the Wilburns say they are spending the money from the GoFundMe page on additional security for the smoker, as well as a sign for the front of the restaurant.

“The community stepped in, just sharing it, talking about it. The word got out quick,” Glen said. “It was a lot of support from the community. I just want them to know I’m here to stay. I’m here for the community.”

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