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Here's what police seized during the Catholic Diocese of Dallas raid

Two weeks after a raid of Catholic Diocese of Dallas offices, a new document reveals what police seized as they investigate accusations of sexual abuse.

DALLAS — On May 15, Dallas police raided three separate locations as part of their investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made against Catholic of Diocese Dallas priests.

According to police, church officials repeatedly stonewalled investigators' attempts to get information pertaining to allegations made against at least five priests.

The diocese has said they have fully cooperated with authorities. After the search, Bishop Edward J. Burns said the raid made him feel "saddened" and as though the Catholic Church and Dallas police are enemies. 

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Among items seized were settlement agreements, personnel movement letters, emails and incident reports, psychological evaluations and complaint files and hard drives and floppy disks.

Police also seized documents of the diocese review board, which was made up of volunteers whom the church said helped them evaluate whether allegations of sexual abuse were credible. The identities of those board members have not been made public, but according to the diocese, includes at least two local police chiefs, a clinical child psychologist, a doctor, and an attorney. 

Documents related to two deceased Dallas bishops, Charles Grahmann and Thomas Tschoepe, were also seized. 

Here's a list of seized items: 

Diocese offices at 3725 Blackburn Street

  • PowerPoint printout, email and flyer
  • Notebook with handwritten notes
  • Financial documents re: claims
  • Yellow folder with notes on staff meetings
  • Folder with clergy documents
  • Employee files, notebooks and reimbursement documents
  • Canonical archive records A-C
  • Canonical archive records D-H
  • Canonical archive records I-L
  • Canonical archive records M-N
  • Canonical archive records O-S
  • Canonical archive records U-Y
  • Personal statements and news statements
  • Notebooks, complaint files, org. chart and envelope
  • Emails and apostolic letter
  • Receipts for boxes
  • Emails, employee appraisals and documents relating to training
  • Documents related to document retention policy
  • Notebooks with handwritten notes and printouts
  • Zip drives, floppy disks and assorted documents in gray tote?
  • Settlement agreements and documents related to settlements
  • Notebook with handwritten notes
  • DVD of archives files
  • Emails, memos, news article and notes
  • Personnel board folders and letters
  • Meeting minutes, insurance documents and personnel movement letters
  • Letter with attached email
  • Resignation letter
  • Personal statements
  • Safesite documents
  • Documents related to document transfer
  • Notes, emails, schedules, various communications
  • Deacon file request
  • Receipts for evaluations
  • Clergy movement file, business card
  • Assorted documents
  • Files from Safesite
  • Email chain regarding clergy and letter
  • Letter to clergy and other documents
  • Emails, incident reports, letters
  • Assorted documents and files
  • Various folders and documents
  • Memo and email
  • Various folders and documents
  • Documents regarding clergy
  • 2019 complaints
  • Various files
  • Psychological evaluations, complaint files
  • Deacon and personnel files
  • Associated documents
  • Safesite box
  • Assorted documents
  • Review board document
  • Assorted documents
  • Emails, financial binders and budget papers
  • Complaints and … document
  • Legal settlement papers
  • CD prior settlement documents
  • Lawyer invoices
  • Sexual misconduct document
  • Communications
  • Sexual misconduct coverage paperwork
  • Sexual misconduct litigation
  • Miscellaneous documents

Safesite storage facility at 4601 West Ledbetter Drive

  • Hard drives from vault storage
  • DVDs with background checks
  • Legal documents July 2011
  • Bishop Tschoepe correspondence
  • Insurance claims
  • Insurance claim files
  • Lawsuit/legal documents
  • Bishop Grahmann documents
  • Case files
  • Sexual misconduct documents
  • Terminated employees
  • Diocese policies
  • Sexual conduct newspaper
  • Bishop Thomas Tschoepe files
  • Diocese Vs. Zomlik

St. Cecilia Catholic Church at 2809 West Davis Street

  • Red binder with miscellaneous paperwork
  • 16 file folders with miscellaneous paperwork and photos

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