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'I'm going to take the bullets': Inside the trapped class as Dallas 7/7 shooting and explosion unfolded

Despite repeated 911 calls, police overlooked a classroom when evacuating El Centro College before setting off explosives to kill the suspect.

Tanya Eiserer, Jason Trahan

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Published: 6:39 AM CDT July 7, 2022
Updated: 10:24 PM CDT July 7, 2022

Six years ago today, at the conclusion of a peaceful protest of police killings in other states, gunman Micah Johnson killed five police officers in downtown Dallas. What was never revealed publicly – until now – is that an El Centro professor and five students were trapped in a classroom the entire time, less than 100 feet away from where the gunman had barricaded himself and died when police killed him with explosives. This is their story. 

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