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Against Their Will: Voices

Hear from those who say they were locked away in private, for-profit mental hospitals after they went there voluntarily seeking help.

WFAA Staff

Published: 2/22/2018 9:04:07 PM
Updated: 9:04 PM CST February 22, 2018

In November, we brought you the story of one family's struggle to get their daughter out of a private, for-profit psychiatric hospital after taking her there voluntarily for help.

After it aired, we were inundated with those who wanted to share their similar stories.

So many stories, we gathered them all at WFAA studios for a group interview, along with lawmakers and mental health advocates. We invited representatives from psychiatric hospitals to participate, but they did not respond.

Here's the full extended conversation.

Below are selections from some of the people who participated in our panel.

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