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119 million gallons of sewage overflow in DFW, by the numbers

A closer look at sewage overflows here and across Texas.
Credit: WFAA

In 2018, more than 119 million gallons of sewage overflowed onto the streets and lakes of Dallas-Fort Worth. That's 119,090,756 gallons, to be exact, over more than 1,700 overflow incidents.

Let's break down those numbers a little bit further:

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14 million

That's the number of gallons of sewage that overflowed in the largest single incident last year, which happened in Garland on Oct. 16 and flowed into Lake Ray Hubbard. It was also the single largest sewage overflow in the state last year.

112.8 million

Roughly the difference between the amount of overflow sewage in North Texas last year and the amount of overflow sewage in the Houston area. In fact, North Texas had five times the amount of sewage overflow than all other 15 regions in the state, combined.

Here's were the top regions, in gallons:

DFW: 119,090,756

Houston: 6,221,711

San Antonio: 3,273,913

Corpus Christi: 3,065,140

Amarillo: 2,931,058


The number of incidents of sewage overflow involving the City of Dallas Central Wastewater Treatment Facility, the most in North Texas.

Where were the most overflows in North Texas?

Here are the entities and/or cities that experienced the most gallons of sewage overflow:

1. Trinity River Authority Central Region Wastewater System: 25,008,050

2. City of Fort Worth Village Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant: 19,685,106

3. City of Garland Rowlett Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (into Lake Ray Hubbard): 14,012,115

4. City of Duncanville: 13,559,310

5. Red Oak Creek: 8,629,743

6. City of Plano: 5,031,041

Note: The top five entities/cities in with the most overflow in North Texas were also the top five entities/cities with the most overflow in the entire state.

Which bodies of water in DFW received the most sewage overflow?

1. Lake Ray Hubbard: 14,002,405

2. Trinity River: 10,217,500

3. Red Oak Creek: 7,677,000

4. Sycamore Creek: 7,237,800

5. Mauk Branch Creek: 7,119,765

Curious if a body of water near your home received any sewage in 2018? Check out the full list here.

How does 2018 compare to previous years?

2018: 119,090,756

2017: 4,710,103

2016: 12,322,617

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