Saint James Limoges and her husband Johnny say they've been receiving racist and threatening letters at their home in Providence Village for the last six months.

"It started about two weeks after we got here," Saint James said.

There have been about 20 letters mailed to the couple and their neighbors. Each is filled with racial slurs, threats and sexual references. Most of the letter's contents are too graphic to publish.

"One had our address and said we held sex parties. Now people show up at our door in the middle of the night," Saint James said.

The longtime real estate agent says she's filed reports with the Denton Country Sheriff and hopes whoever is writing the letters will be caught.

"The return addresses belong to our families. That means whoever is doing this is looking them up," Saint James said.

The author of the letters makes multiple references to Saint James wearing her fuzzy blue bathrobe outside while waiting for her husband to return from his job, which is overnight.

When neighbors like Sina Tidwell heard about the violent and threatening messages, they looked for a way to show their support.

"So we all got our robes and took a picture," Tidwells said.

About a dozen women from the neighborhood showed their solidarity. Saint James says the hateful letters have actually created new friends.

"There is more good," Saint James said.

She says she actually pities whoever is writing the letters but still wants authorities to get to the bottom of the case. "I don't feel safe," Saint James said.

Sheriffs deputies say they're working the case and looking at all possible angles, including if investigating whether any hate crimes were committed.

In the meantime, Saint James says she will enjoy getting to know her other neighbors and will try her best to rise above the anonymous and hateful voice.