One El Centro College police officer continued to protect civilians with bullet fragments lodged in his stomach during an ambush on police late Thursday night, the college wrote on its website Sunday.

It brings the total numbers of officers shot in Thursday’s ambush to 13.

Five El Centro officers worked the night of the attack, which occurred during an otherwise peaceful protest against police brutality.

The college identified those officers as: Detective/Cpl. Bryan Shaw, Officer John Abbott, Officer Luis Hernandez, Officer Andrew Maughan, and Officer Gene Pouncy.

While guarding an entrance at the downtown Dallas campus, Cpl. Shaw was shot under his vest during the fracas, which played out over several hours after the first shots rang out just before 9 p.m.

"Shaw returned to protect other officers and civilians with bullet fragments still lodged in his stomach and was not examined by Emergency Medical Services personnel until 3 a.m.," a college spokesperson told News 8.

Shaw will need surgery but is at home with his family.

Another El Centro officer fought after being injured during the ambush, the school says. Officer John Abbott attempted to save the life of DART officer Brent Thompson with lacerations on his leg caused by broken glass.

Abbott is recovering at home.

El Centro identified several off-duty officers who rendered aid after the shooting began Thursday night: Captain Rex Gaston, Sergeant Lauri Boudreau, Sergeant Mike Holmes, Corporal Erroll Russell, Officer Donald Brazil, Officer Michael Brown, Officer Rodrigo Garcia, Officer Charles Stewart, Officer Troy Willis, Officer Nathan Reed from El Centro’s West Campus and Lt. Michael Beissel from Dallas County Community College District’s North Lake College.