The Humble Police Department says a citizen located a missing woman in a Walmart bathroom early Tuesday.

At the time of her disappearance, Jessica Van Raub was said to be nine months pregnant, but a family spokesman now says otherwise.

The woman's boyfriend told police Monday morning that he and Van Raub were preparing to go to the hospital so doctors could induce labor.

“They woke up yesterday morning to get up to go to the hospital to have the baby,” said Becky and Charles Monroe, the family’s representative. “She said, ‘I need a minute. I'm nervous’. She had a bad experience with the last pregnancy."

Boyfriend Jace Fellman told police that Van Raub went for gas and was going to return home so they could go to the hospital at 8 a.m., but the woman's car was later found abandoned. After an overnight search, police said a citizen found the woman at an Humble Walmart.

A representative for the family later confirmed Tuesday that Van Raub suffered a miscarriage three months ago and was no longer pregnant.

“She said she left the car on purpose so that they could find it and get it and it was safe. She needed to do what she needed to do and didn't want everybody to not love her because of what happened and not knowing. She didn't tell anybody. Nobody knew.”

Police responded to the Walmart and said the woman was getting medical attention.

"She seemed like she was okay, maybe a little nervous because she was older and going to have a baby, but other than that she seemed excited about it," said Fellman. "But I really don't know what happened, I don't have a clue. She just didn't come back."

"Thank you for all the information that was provided to us in helping to locate Jessica. No other information is available at this time and there will be an ongoing investigation to make sure she is safe and has the proper medical attention," Humble PD later stated on its Facebook page.