DALLAS — On I-35 near the Dallas North Tollway exit, cars go fast. Around 7:00 in the evening, there are plenty of drivers on the highway.

Chris Jensen would have done anything to put himself there on Sunday and trade places with his daughter. He received a call from the Dallas County Sheriffs Office. "They said your daughter Kaylee has been involved in a major car accident and is in route to Parkland in an ambulance," said Jensen.

He and his wife raced to the hospital. Kaylee Jensen was in a vehicle with her friend Cassandra Lizardi, who was driving.

Lizardi's brother, Bryant Aragon, got the same call. "They're lucky to be alive," said Aragon. 

The women, both 21, attend the University of Texas Dallas and were heading to dinner when the incident happened.

The Sheriff's Office is calling it a hit-and-run. According to reports, an 18-wheeler made an unsafe lane change from the far left lane and hit Lizardi's car. Their vehicle went under the trailer, spun around and hit another car, bounced off and hit the left wall, bounced right and hit a third car, and ended up against the wall again. Reports say the truck driver continued without stopping.

Jensen had brain hemorrhaging and is suffering from a broken vertebrae and ribs.

Lizardi broke her hips, her collar bone, and has a gash on her head. She underwent surgery and will need a wheelchair for several months.

Both remain at Parkland Hospital in stable condition on the trauma floor. They will be taking a leave from school to recover.

"When you're involved in something like this, you have the split-second decision to do the right thing or the wrong thing, and I think this [truck] driver did the wrong thing."

The families are asking witnesses to call the Dallas County Sheriff's Office with any information. They also hope the driver who fled the scene will come forward.