GRAPEVINE -- A historic farmhouse that's been in Grapevine for more than 150 years got a new home. 

The McPherson Farmhouse was moved across town by house mover H.D. Snow & Son. The structure was donated by the descendants of original owner T.J. McPherson. It will now be restored by the city and auctioned off to a new family to live in with a new address on College Street in downtown Grapevine.

"It was one of the original homes built in the community. It was out on a farm, 320 acres, but now it will be retained in the community," said David Klempin, historic preservation officer with the City of Grapevine.

It took two trucks and a team of men to move the house, an operation that drew crowds to watch it traverse intersections and narrowly dodge power lines. Crews from Oncor were on hand to assist, as well as Grapevine police. The journey took just more than three hours, and now they will set to work on creating a new foundation and resting it back on the ground.

For Nanette Dowell and Lynn Simmons, it was bittersweet to watch the move. They are fourth generation descendants of McPherson, and they have strong memories with their parents and grandparents in its rooms.

"Just as kids playing there, running up and down the stairs," recalled Simmons, who lived in the house until recently.

The family decided to finally sell off their land, but they wanted to make sure the house lives on and arranged the donation. 

"It'll always be here, and we'll always get to see it and bring our grandkids to see it," said Dowell.