RICHARDSON -- As Andy Ternay walked into the restaurant Sunday morning, he had to know his T-shirt was going to elicit a reaction.

With the subtlety of a frying pan to the face, it said, [expletive] Trump and [expletive] you for voting for him" in big black meme block letters on the front.

On the back was an outlined middle finger pointed upward with another morning message for anyone who happened to have chosen the same breakfast nook as he and his partner did: "[expletive] the racist alt-right."

How's that for a "good morning"?

Long story short, he had to pursue the morning meal elsewhere. He was kicked out of the Richardson First Watch location without being served.

The restaurant said in a statement that the issue was the offensive language on Ternay's T-shirt, rather than the politics involved.

"Just as young children cannot go to R-rated movies that feature language like that, we do not believe they should be exposed to it in a family restaurant and we absolutely understand our customers’ uneasiness and decided to invoke our right to refuse service to that individual," the statement read. "In fact, our decision closely aligns with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s choice to edit or filter obscenities in articles on occasion."

But if you believe Ternay's account of his "adventuresome morning," as he called it in a Facebook post, he had his supporters in the breakfast crowd, too. That post had been shared more than 125,000 times as of Monday afternoon.

He said a manager approached and let him know that customers were distressed by his T-shirt and by the fact that children could see the language. He apologized, and he and his companion were seated and ordered drinks, apparently.

Before the pair was kicked out, though, he was given compliments by the "Latino" woman and two African-American workers at the restaurant, according to his Facebook post. One of them quit his job "on the spot" over the whole episode.

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