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'Please stop taking our Trump signs': Highland Park man upset with sign bandits

Jim Turner now made a new sign with a simple message: "Please stop taking our Trump signs – Freedom of Speech Matters."

A new sign is stealing the show in a man's Highland Park front yard after people were stealing his President Donald Trump campaign signs.

After the sign bandits came through multiple times, Jim Turner went and had the new, larger sign made with a simple message -- "Please stop taking our Trump signs – Freedom of Speech Matters."

"One Trump sign got taken, then another one, then another one, then after a while you’re like ‘really?'" Turner said. "At one point I just decided, I’m a little bit crazy, so let’s go to Fast Signs, let’s go get us a sign and see what happens."

His neighbor and others have had their Trump signs taken too.

"My neighbor has had his sign stolen and my neighbor around the corner has had people actually putting feces and stuff on the signs," Rowlett said. "I’ve been bringing my signs in every night just to avoid that."

Turner’s newest sign has attracted the attention of many who drive past his home. Several stopped, including one Highland Park Police Officer.

That officer shared details about the law.

"If you see people stealing a sign let us know," the Highland Park Officer said. "Technically you’re supposed to only have one of those signs on your property, so there’s two (at the home where he was standing). We don’t really cause a fuss unless somebody complains, but if somebody takes that sign that’s theft - Trump or Biden it doesn’t matter."

Turner said he has enjoyed the reactions by those looking on.

"We have had so many people honk, wave, stop, ring the doorbell," Turner said. "It has been fun to watch the display of enthusiasm for this silly sign."

Now he’s hoping for four more years, while also hoping his sign makes it to Election Day.

“It’s wonderful to have, clearly, a non-politician in Washington,” Turner said. "We’re not crazy conservatives, we’re not nutso’s, we kind of just wanted to get heard a little bit."