With 16 days until Christmas, the last thing Santa has time to do is to try and find his lost wedding ring. But while Jolly Old Saint Nick is busy trying to make all of us happy, his heart is a little heavy after his band slipped off his finger Thursday.

It’s the ring his beautiful bride, Mrs. Claus, gave him 54 years ago.

"We married for life,” he said. “And we got the rings we wanted to start with. And it just means a whole lot to have the set and right now one of them is missing."

Santa, who sometimes goes by the name of Ken Fabel, was fueling up his sleigh in Mansfield, Texas sometime between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. at the Kroger Marketplace gas station on Broad Street right off 360 when he last saw the ring.

His son, Kevin, has been helping him search. He says a Christmas miracle, would certainly be nice.

"Our hopes are just that the ring finds its way home,” Kevin said. "Mom's ring just isn't the same without the matching set, you know? So we just want to see it come back."

Santa’s grandson, Jordan Fabel, said they’ve checked the sleigh several times with no sign of the wedding band. They believe it probably slipped off Santa’s finger while he was at the gas station.

“Santa’s fingers aren’t as big as they once were in his jollier days and that’s all we can figure,” Jordan said. “It just slipped off his finger.”

Unfortunately, there's one more problem for this part-time Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Their mini-van broke down Friday morning. It’s parked in the same Kroger parking lot, right behind the Chick-fil-A. They’re guessing it’s an electrical problem. So, for the time being, Santa’s sleigh is effectively out of commission too.

So if you're in the giving spirit this season, a Fort Worth Santa is a bit down on his luck. Be on the lookout for a priceless 54-year-old wedding ring.

And if you can find it in you - a battery or alternator might be a nice gift too.

Santa’s family shared a photo of Mrs. Claus’ wedding ring, which is similar to the one Santa lost.

Jordan said his grandfather has brought smiles to thousands of faces across North Texas and now Santa could really use some help bringing a smile to his face.

Anyone who may have been at the Kroger Marketplace gas station in Mansfield Thursday afternoon and may have seen the ring is asked to contact the family on Facebook at this link.