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Grocery stores rush to restock empty shelves in North Texas

The shelves of grocery stores were cleared this week as people raced to buy water and food. Now, stores like Kroger are focusing on replenishing much needed items.

DALLAS — The parking lot of multiple Kroger's across the Dallas-Fort Worth area were packed on Friday. 

People were there refilling their refrigerators after they lost power for hours and days, or in search of water, as many neighborhoods continue to be under a boil order.

April Martin, Corporate Affairs Manager with Kroger's Dallas Division, said every store is impacted. Some lost power, while others had their shelves wiped clean. And during the winter storm, roads were hazardous so trucks were unable to bring more inventory.

"It's really, really tough, but we're making it through. The trucks are starting to come in," said Martin. 

The roads are clearing up in North Texas and delivery trucks are back en route. Martin said it may take a few days, but there will hopefully be a sense of normalcy soon.

Kroger has set purchase limits on high-demand items, as stores did at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Things like milk, orange juice, poultry, propane, water, bread, brisket, charcoal, eggs, fire logs, and frozen pizzas, we've put a product limit on those in all of our stores just to make sure that everyone has a chance at getting these essential items," Martin said.

Water is a big priority. Kroger is working with the City of Dallas, the City of Fort Worth and the Red Cross to help out.

While many people are now dealing with winter weather damage at their homes, employees at Kroger are facing similar situations. Martin said she is grateful for their dedication to fill the shelves as North Texas begins to thaw.


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