Saturday's St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas went about the way it usually does: Green-clad crowds by the thousands packed along Greenville Avenue, stretching two miles from Blackwell Street to SMU Boulevard.

Things were a bit different 50 years ago.

Back then, in 1968, the parade was in downtown, as seen on the archived clip above of WFAA coverage that was posted by SMU's G. William Jones Film and Video Archive this week.

The clip shows a parade marching down down Main Street, past the Old Red Courthouse (and what appears to be a Sigel's liquor store).

"It's the day in Dallas for the wearing of the green," WFAA's Douglas Terry reported, before giving a brief history of St. Patrick himself.

The crowds didn't look nearly as big as they do today, though Terry noted that the "enthusiastic revelers" showed up "in strong numbers, as a matter of fact, and with a bit of gusto."

Another shot on the film shows the parade further down Main Street, where men in green top hats and ties are walking the route. Then there's more footage of a marching band, children in plaid, and a horse-drawn float.