Leah Suasnovar remembers searching online for a women's march in Fort Worth and not seeing one. It was then she decided, along with a few other women, to start a march themselves. Suasnovar admits she had no experience doing it and had to learn on-the-fly.

"It is not a protest. It is a show of solidarity," she said.

A group of three to four women had no idea their efforts would "blow up." Close to 2,000 people have indicated interest in coming to the Women's March-Fort Worth.

"We had no idea what this was gonna be when we started this on Monday," said Erin Blythe.

It is called a women's march but it's not just for women. It's also a non-partisan event so organizers say there will be no political campaigning allowed. They also stress it is not an anti-Trump march. It is however the day after President Elect Trump becomes President.

"I'm overwhelmed because I thought it would be me and 20 of my friends walking down the street. I think it feels validating," said Leah.

A more than one-mile march will begin at the Tarrant County Courthouse and move up and down Main and Houston Streets. Organizers say it is for every cross-section of culture. Permits for the event were granted in the nick of time on Thursday.

"It's time for everyone to come together and say we're going to listen to each other and we are here together and we are all mothers and we care of about our children's education," said Ashley Paz, another organizer.

If you want more information you are encouraged to check out their Facebook page.