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Two people killed, two injured after Fort Worth crash; police asking witnesses to come forward

Two people died on the scene and paramedics transported two others to the hospital as police investigated what happened.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Two people were killed in an overnight crash on Interstate 30 in Fort Worth, which has left a lot of unanswered questions for the police department. Now, detectives are hoping witnesses come forward, so they can piece together what happened on the freeway. 

"It's very sad," said Fort Worth Police Officer Buddy Calzada. 

The crash happened on I-30 near the Cooks Lane exit just before 1:00 a.m. Monday, Sept. 18. 

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has informed the family of 44-year-old Melissa Lauman she did not survive blunt force trauma in the crash. Charles Rackley, 53, also died in the crash, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner records. 

Paramedics also rushed two people to the hospital with injuries from the crash. 

Officers located a motorcycle at the scene, and described the other vehicles involved to WFAA. But until they get more information, they are not sure which victims are from which vehicles involved in the crash. 

"We have a dark-colored pickup truck that is involved, a white-colored Cadillac and a motorcycle," said Calzada.

At the crash site, there's paint marks on the pavement left by crash re-enactment investigators. They also left orange traffic cones to warn other drivers about the concrete safety barriers out of place, broken glass and debris left at the scene.

Investigators say anyone traveling on I-30 near Cooks Lane around midnight may be able to help them piece together what happened.

"If you rolled upon it as soon as it happened, any bit of information is helpful. Anything we can grab as we start to put the puzzle pieces together," Calzada said. "Please reach out to the detective immediately. That detective can be reached at 817-392-4886." 

Calzada also encouraged drivers to stay focused on the road to avoid crashes. They've responded to several crashes recently that involved multiple vehicles. 

"We always want to encourage everyone to operate a motor vehicle safely. Don't be distracted by your phone. Don't be distracted by kids," Calzada said. "We don't know exactly what may have happened in this case. We do know there was an initial incident more than likely with that bridge pillar. But we want to make sure that if you get getting any kind of minor incident, please do your best to pull off the freeway."

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