The Fort Worth police officer indicted last year for shooting a man who was holding a barbecue fork took the stand in the trial against him Monday.

Officer Courtney Johnson shot Craig Adams early in the morning of June 23, 2015. Adams, 55, came outside his elderly parents' home for some cool air. At the same time, Fort Worth Officer Courtney Johnson responded to a Priority One call of a prowler with a knife.

Johnson shot Adams in the shoulder with a shotgun.

The defense in Johnson’s trial argued Monday that the shooting was accidental. That echoed Johnson's attorneys' statements immediately following the officer's indictment.

"It was an unintentional shooting; I don't think there's any question about it,” said attorney Jim Lane, who is representing Johnson.

Lane and attorney Tim Choy say the shotgun discharged when the officer pumped it to get the uncooperative suspect to follow commands.

Court broke for the day at about 5 p.m. Monday after lengthy testimony from Johnson, in which he spoke about his wife and his military service before addressing the shooting of Adams.

"We're not trained to sit back and wait," he said.

Prosecutors will cross-examine Johnson on Tuesday morning.