DALLAS-- Every evening Bryan Boyer spends in a Dallas rehabilitation facility is another night he closes his eyes and can't escape nightmares of the flames that almost killed his family.

"I'll never forget," he said. "I knew we just had to get out."

Three weeks ago, Boyer, his girlfriend and her daughter found themselves in the midst of an inferno.

The Fort Worth Fire Department says a fire suddenly started on the back porch of Boyer's home in south Fort Worth. They still haven't determined a cause.

The 51-year-old says the experience has left all three survivors shaken. "There was this suction sound in the room. I knew immediately from movies and other things, and instinct said something is really bad," said Boyer.

He says he was able to get his girlfriend out the front door once flames started to intensify toward the rear of the house.

He thought he saw Bailey, her 13-year-old daughter, in front of her. The girl wasn't.

"You just knew, it [something] just wasn't right," Boyer said Wednesday as he broke down.

As WFAA first reported at the time, an Everman police officer and Fort Worth firefighter arrived soon after and rushed to find Bailey. The unconscious teen was pulled from her back bedroom window in a dramatic moment caught on the officer's body camera.

"The flames were right off the floor. She has a bunk bed she sleeps in, but luckily that night she was sleeping on the floor," said Boyer.

All three patients were rushed to Parkland, where they spent days recovering. Bryan suffered extensive burns to his feet, knees and back when he was forced to the sweltering floor.

"They knew after a few days that part of my back was going to need a skin graf," he said.

Fortunately, he says the procedure was a success, and he should be able to leave rehab shortly.

His girlfriend is also out of the hospital, and Bailey is also recovering with her father out of state.

"We're all just thankful," he says of the first responder's actions. "There's no words for it. Everything happened at the right moment, for the right reasons."

Bryan's co-workers have established a GoFundme page to help with expenses because the home and belongings are a complete loss.